Quality Assurance and ECO4 Technical Monitoring

Assured Safety can support your business with Quality Assurance and on-site inspections for the Technical Monitoring of ECO4 Energy Efficiency Measures including Building Fabric Measures, Heating Measures, MCS or Renewables Measures and Ventilation. Our Technical Monitoring Agents visit your installer on site and any visits undertaken are usually planned at strategic phases based on your organisations requirements.

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(C1) Pre-Installation Technical Monitoring Services

C1, or Pre-Installation Technical Monitoring would include a review of the dwelling for appropriateness for the measures to be installed and this would be undertaken before any works have commenced. This inspection would seek to verify and validate both Score verification elements and ensure that there would be no unintended consequences as a result of measure interactions through the proposed measures or their design.

(C2) Mid-Installation Technical Monitoring Services

C2, or Mid-Installation Technical Monitoring would involve one of our Technical Monitoring Agents visiting the site whilst the installer is undertaking the works. This inspection is safety focussed and ensures that the installation is undertaken in accordance to the manufacturers installation instructions and any system designer specifications.

(C3) Post-Installation Technical Monitoring Services

C3, or Post-Installation Technical Monitoring would involve one of our Technical Monitoring Agents visiting the installation site once all works have been installed, commissioned and handed over. This visit seeks to validate technical compliance and ensure that any post-installation documentation and submissions including documents are in order.

Further guidance

Please note that all inspections are undertaken based on the official OFGEM monitoring question sets.

Our Trustmark-Approved Consultants have a wealth of experience with the ECO industry and offer training with regards to measure specific requirements and demonstrating compliance with PAS2030:2019 and PAS2035:2019.

All reports are provided with supporting, geo-tagged images whilst on site.

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